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Company Rosti company was founded in 1988. This enterprise is devoted to the design, manufacturing and distribution of vehicles air conditioning systems. Rosti is specialized in public works machinery and agricultural machinery, such as grape harvester machines, tractors, reaping machines and trolleys.
Since we started our activity, we have developed several innovative devices to fulfil the necessities of a very demanding market. Thanks to our efforts, we have developed air conditioning systems for electric vehicles with a 80V battery and other systems operated with oil for hydraulic cranes.
In 2000, we moved our premises to a new and larger location. Our current address is Ctra. Nacional 240, Km 130, in Binéfar. We unified our workplace and enlarged our technical office, improving our manufacturing system and customer service.
Our enterprise is always searching the way to improve the quality of our products. Therefore, we have implemented ISO 9001 standard, obtaining its certification in 2005.
It is a tool to improve every service we offer, such as customer service, spare parts service, maintenance and repairing service and device assembly service.
Rosti’s designs are customized, and they fulfil every customer’s requirement as well as every quality and environmental Standard.

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