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Ramp - vehicle loading ramp ROSTI MDV - 10 Tn
This loading ramp provided companies and workshops with a high strenght ramp (up to 10 Tn), adjustable for height without neededing civil work.

It provides loading and unloading facilities for self-propelled machinery, upon caterpillars, wheels, tractors, civil work and maintenance machinery, in an easy and safe way.


Spanish Standadrd EA-95 is implemented, sections MV-103 and MV-110 equivalent to the former standard. Standard MV-103 is implemented for metal sections.


- Load up to 10.000 Kg.
- Adjustablility for height to the lorry from 0,8 mts. up to 1,5 mts.
- Several lengths for slope adjustability.
- Average slope about 13 from the ground.
- Manufactured in steel.
- Optional height device either with worm or with hydraulic cylinder

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